All youth 30 years and under (as of March 30, 2018) that identifies with a G7 member state and European Union are invited to submit ideas to the challenge.

Ideas must apply to at least one of the three policy themes and be directed to promoting collaboration across the G7 and EU. In line with the G7 themes, the Y7 2018 themes include:

  • Future of Work: How can we ensure that the needs of employers are met by the next generation of the workforce? What are the digital and soft skills necessary to compete in the economy for young people? How can entrepreneurship be supported and promoted and what is the best environment for innovation to thrive?
  • Climate Change and the Environment: How will states prepare to mitigate and manage the economic, security, and societal impacts of climate change? What does sustainable development mean at a local level?
  • Gender Equality: How can states create equal opportunities for women and girls to participate in the economy, in democratic institutions and in wider decision making processes

You can find out more here on the Y7 Policy Themes and Consultations and check in to the challenge website for updates to our research and resources page for additional information.

There is no limit on the number of ideas you can submit. We do encourage you to team up with others, combine ideas where appropriate, and focus on the opportunities with the most significant potential for positive impact on the three policy themes. There is no preset limit on the number of ideas that will be considered or selected for the finalists. The decisions will be based on originality, fit, and opportunity.

The ideas will be evaluated based on their potential to address the identified policy themes and promote collaboration across the G7 and EU in a fresh and novel way. We will be including our sponsor organizations in attendance in determining the finalist selection.

Absolutely. We encourage you to share the website with your networks internally and externally and invite them to participate in the Challenge.

No! The submission form is very simple and straightforward allowing anyone to submit an idea from anywhere. We are looking for fresh and innovative ideas from G7 youth and do not require any technical documentation on your idea.

Your video will not be judged based on quality, so don’t worry too much about this. Phone and laptop recordings are all acceptable formats. Please make sure your video is no more than 2 minutes and set to Public + Unlisted on YouTube. If you have technical difficulties in submitting your video or application, please contact us at, and we will support you where possible. Please place “Audacious G7 Youth Challenge” in the subject line.

The Group of Seven (G7) is an informal grouping of seven of the world’s advanced economies consisting of Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Italy. The European Union is a non-enumerated member of the G7 but neither chairs nor hosts Summits. We will be accepting submissions from both G7 countries and the EU. Learn more here about how the G7 works here.

The Y7 2018 Summit is convened by the Y7 Organizing Committee from the Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC). Each G7 and European Union country recruits and selects a gender-balanced youth delegation of up to four (4) delegates to attend. These delegates will be attending the Y7 2018 Summit in Ottawa, ON, in April 2018 before the close of the Challenge.

Each year, Y7 delegates meet to negotiate and form policy recommendations for the G7 that reflect the priorities of young people. Forming a Y7 Communiqué, the recommendations are presented directly to G7 leaders. This year, the Y7 Organizing Committee is partnering with Audacious Futures to enable all youth across the G7 and EU to become a more vocal part of the G7 consultation process, in addition to its Summit and final communiqué.

The Y7 Summit is offering this challenge in support of its four (4) guiding principles:

  • Linked to the government decision-making processes in time
  • Part of a larger conversation
  • Highly Participatory
  • Fostering an accountable space

Audacious Futures is a global innovation launchpad, and RBC and the Y7 Organizing Committee’s partner in designing and delivering this Challenge. You can find out more about Audacious Futures here.

There is no cost to enter the Challenge. All youth across the G7 countries and EU are invited to submit their ideas.

Everyone who is interested in attending the Post Summit Event in May 2018 is welcome to attend. We especially encourage youth who submitted videos to the challenge to attend.  For those living abroad and/or not able to attend the Post Summit Event in person, we will be engaging a global audience via webcast and social media as much as possible.

The finalist(s) prize package consists of a monetary award from a total prize pool of $7,500, provided by RBC. The final selection of videos to be featured at the Post Summit Event will also have the opportunity to engage and connect with our sponsoring organizations and influencers in an effort to turn ideas in action.

You can send us your question at, and we will update the FAQs accordingly. Please put “Audacious G7 Youth Challenge” in the subject line.